6320 CA

Windrock specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of online monitoring systems and portable analyzers, software, sensors, and technical services for reciprocating engines, compressors and rotating machinery.

We are present in multiple industries worldwide, including: refining, gas transmission, gas and oil field production/gathering, power generation, marine propulsion, mining and other industrial applications.

This rugged, battery-powered instrument provides the mechanic with an efficient and effective method to evaluate and determine secondary ignition system integrity, power cylinder combustion characteristics and peak pressure balance. The data collector/analyzer is packed with powerful features and has a large, backlit color display making the data easy to observe. The menu-driven interface is simple to operate; simply scroll through the menu items, highlight the desired option, and hit the enter key.

In fact, by operating in the 6320/CA “lite” mode, a machine can be set up and ready for collecting data within a few minutes. The 6320/CA mode, using the optional encoder, allows crank angle information and calculations such as ignition timing, peak pressure angle and IHP to be acquired.


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